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Small craft
16 April 2009

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Stone Waves
3 April 2009

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Glass-maker's studio
10 February 2009

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24 January 2009

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14 September 2008

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Waiting Girl
12 June 2008

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21 May 2008

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Euphorbia in bloom
20 May 2008

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10 May 2008

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26 March 2008

Recent Comments

Grete Suarez on Jua Kali Stampede
Hello, I'm a journalism graduate student at Columbia University. I'm covering a video piece on the Jua Kali, ...

Akbar&Armaghan on Classic Safari
very nice!

Dimitrios on Snow Shadows
all the best Pied, take care, have a great year*

grier horner on Snow Shadows
I was just looking to see if you had anything new and hit this chilly scene of winter. Beautiful but, while I love ...

Mamyni on Snow Shadows
Delicacy of the shades on snow.

~~~Ann~~~ on Palm Flower
Great colour and composition

☺ ► ƸɼiϾ ◄ ☼ on Dragonfly
unusual composition, interesting picture ☺

Lai Chan See on Dragonfly
An unusual perch - nicely captured.

Sylvie Fondacci on Artist with his work
Nice shot ! I know the village des arts. Great artists there.

farNaaz on Artist with his work
Very lovely photo and an excellent framing .

omid on Pelicans, puzzled
:) very nice!

farNaaz on Old Customs House, Calabar
I wish I was there . Soooooooooooooo lovely place in a very good framing . I love your country through your photos .

Shaahin Bahremand on Old Customs House, Calabar
what a beauty shot

grier horner on Wall with poster, Abuja
I like the marks left by the posters, too. But I am intrigued by the minister who will loose your chains.

rem_la on La Gare est Fermee
superbe ce batiment

rem_la on Bicycle Dream
joli jeu d'ombre et de lumiere

rem_la on Closed for Business
c'est joliment composé

rem_la on Evening Sunflowers
une ambiance pas tres rassurante

rem_la on Tick Tock
j'aime ces couleurs de néon

grier on Larger Than Life
Glad to see you back. Nice shot.

grier on Heating the Drum Heads
Dramatically framed.

grier on Evening Sunflowers
The photo is amazing in its darkness and light and its emotional pull.

k@ on Evening Sunflowers
I like the very low light. Sun shines anyway especially when you've got an army of them ;)

omid on Closed for Business
very nice & amazing!

farNaaz on Closed for Business
Well seen , well catch , So simple and nice .

farNaaz on Damaged Beauty
Excellent title .. reminds me Afghan women . ... and still is shinning , what a pity .

omid on Bicycle Dream
wooooow! very nice & amazing!

omid on Damaged Beauty

farNaaz on Bicycle Dream
Excellent title for a beautiful painting from a dream .

Harry on Bicycle Dream
Interesting light and shadows.

Skyriani on Bicycle Dream
a wonderfully creative image

Sue-Ann on Bicycle Dream
I like this picture and the processing...

Shaahin Bahremand on Can You Do This?
wow ! fantastic moment

Dimitrios on Can You Do This?
A fun shot*

farNaaz on Rough-Housing
If I were you , I would crop all the parts and just let the boys to be there .. then change it to a sharp B&W. It ...

Curly on Rough-Housing
Boys will be boys, the world over!

Shaahin Bahremand on Rough-Housing
nice moment well done

Aniya on Staying Cool

Dimitrios on Staying Cool
cool and original frame

Curly on Staying Cool
I'm sure I use to look that good thirty years ago :-)

k@ on Staying Cool
Superb is the coloful light through the bottle, your frame & the dof.

Curly on Jump
Right down to the splashes of earth and dirt, this is full of energy.

Shaahin Bahremand on Jump
excellent shot It's so great

Jeff on Jump
Love this one. Lots of energy and enthusiasm. I like the processing too.

Skyriani on Heating the Drum Heads
fascinating image, PC

Victoria on Heating the Drum Heads
Very nice!

omid on La Gare est Fermee
very nice! Beautiful colors!

omid on Marimba
very nice & interesting!

omid on Congo River Sandbar
so beautiful!

omid on Heating the Drum Heads
wooow! very nice & interesting!

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